Season 3 of Growing Belushi – Streaming on MAX!

————————— Season 3 of Growing Belushi – Streaming on MAX! ————————— Season 3 of Growing Belushi – Streaming on MAX! ————————— Season 3 of Growing Belushi – Streaming on MAX! —————————

Belushi or Bust


Jim Belushi is best known as an acclaimed actor, comedian, singer, and musician. (He has his harmonica with him at all times.) But that’s just the beginning of Mr. Belushi. Jim also happens to be the ringleader of a bunch of ragtag “farmers” who have managed to grow and successfully market several legendary strains of cannabis on Belushi’s Farm.

Jim and his award-winning Oregon-based marijuana operation are the subjects of a popular TV show called “Growing Belushi,” now in its third season. This season is about to wrap up but there is still time to catch up with Jim and the crew before the last new episode airs on May 10, 2023, on Discovery and Discovery Plus. If you’re new to the show and you need to binge or catch up, you’re in luck. ‘Belushi it up’ with your favorite strain of Belushi’s bud and watch as the drama unfolds.

This season of Growing Belushi started with a mysterious fire that threatened the harvest, a handful of expansion opportunities, and lots of “juice.” Jim is still obsessed with expansion and finding the most elusive seeds on the planet, so he and Chris road-trip across the U.S. seeking turnkey facility takeovers, searching for a seed guru with a special guest, and plenty of unhappy clone plants threatening Jim’s worldwide weed domination plan.

The legendary cannabis strains Jim has procured (often by extreme measures) and growing on Belushi’s Farm for the past seven years are the competitive edge for the brand. Any cannabis business knows you need supreme quality seed to be taken seriously in this industry and Jim has done that. First, with the wildly successful Captain Jack’s aka “the smell of SNL,” then Jim returned from Colombia with three more legendary strains: Mango Biche, Punto Rojo, and Santa Marta Gold Legacy. Strains like the farm’s Cherry Pie, The Blues Brothers, and Chasing Magic have helped the brand catapult even further into the spotlight.

In the “Big Sur Holy Weed” episode, SNL alum and lifelong pal Dan Aykroyd shows up with a hair-brained yet brilliant plan to track down the urban legend, a monk rumored to be the ‘keeper’ of one of the most mythical OG strains called “Big Sur Holy Weed.” The origin of the fabled seed is the debate of much speculation and it’s protected by the monk known only as “Mojave” who smoked Big Sur Holy Weed as a meditation aid decades ago. Convinced this is the ticket, Jim and his cousin Chris pack up the car and blaze a trail to the haunting woods of Big Sur, California to find the mystical monk and his magical marijuana.

Back on the banks of the Rogue River, Jim’s cousin Larry attempts to hold down the farm and become the de-facto CEO while Jim and Chris are on the road (again). Larry is informed that they have 600 extra pounds of cannabis they need to move before it goes bad. Wait – again? Larry quickly realizes he’s not going to shimmy his way into the head honcho spot and that he’s in way over his head.

The cannabis operation that started as part of Oregon’s medical marijuana program in the state’s Banana Belt has become a sprawling and spiritual 93 acres with 1,800 feet of riverfront. On Belushi’s Farm, beautiful and renowned cannabis thrives where the sun, water, and air make the perfect combination to sustain a naturally powerful and pure crop.

In the last episode of season 3, Jim heads to his homeland – Albania. Prime Minister Edi Rama has personally invited Jim to speak with him about the possibility of the country going pro-cannabis after decades of it being illegal and heavily criminalized, something Jim is passionate about.

But that’s not enough. (Is anything ever enough for Jim?) Jim has his sights set on global expansion. If he is going to become the “Minister of Marijuana” for Albania (you’ll need to watch episode 4 for more on this one), he knows he needs to step it up to stay on top of the highly competitive cannabis business.

Will Jim receive the sign he was looking for to launch his brand internationally? Or will his homeland trip be a bust?

You’ll just have to watch and see for yourself.

Watch Growing Belushi Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on Discovery. You can catch up on seasons 1, 2, and most of 3 on discovery+. Additionally, all seasons can be seen on the upcoming MAX network, formally HBO Max.

Belushi’s Farm is home to a range of offerings including The Blues Brothers, Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica (a rare strain from the Hindu Kush region that became known in the ’70s as “The Smell of SNL”), and Good Ugly Weed.

To learn more about Belushi’s Farm, visit the official website.

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